August Favs: Bags

August Favs: Bags

Hermès hermes bag
32 020 AUD –

Chanel purse
8 720 AUD –

Prada handbag
2 290 AUD –

Chanel purse
4 195 AUD –

Louis vuitton purse

Yves Saint Laurent leather purse
1 610 AUD –

Givenchy leather purse
2 880 AUD –

Moschino backpack
1 430 AUD –

Gucci leather purse
1 335 AUD –

Green purse
910 AUD –

Beige purse
52 AUD –

Chanel canvas bag


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My name's Saskia, I'm 18 years old and from Melbourne but currently completing my Student Exchange program year in Italy. I fluently speak both English and Italian. My skills and interests include Photography, Travel, Fashion, Art, Journalism and Beauty/ Makeup Artistry. I've created this blog to showcase all of my skills and interests as well as just general lifestyle blogging. I particularly want this blog to act as a portfolio of my current and previous projects, particularly in Styling and Photography.

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