Nail Obsession 

Any one who currently has or has had acrylics previously would surely under stand the obsession, once you start how can you stop? They’re just so pretty! 

I’ve had my refills done this week and I’m loving them, they’re a beautiful nude/baby pink in point style, pictured below. The main thing I’ve noticed with this colour is they pair beautifully with all silver jewellery, and the style makes hands look more elegant. I’ve found the square shape to be not as flattering. 



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My name's Saskia, I'm 18 years old and from Melbourne but currently completing my Student Exchange program year in Italy. I fluently speak both English and Italian. My skills and interests include Photography, Travel, Fashion, Art, Journalism and Beauty/ Makeup Artistry. I've created this blog to showcase all of my skills and interests as well as just general lifestyle blogging. I particularly want this blog to act as a portfolio of my current and previous projects, particularly in Styling and Photography.

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