Two Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara: Review

Buying Better Than Sex Mascara coming from being Loreal’s Miss Manga Mascara’s biggest fan//addict, I wasn’t so sure this mascara was going to be anything fantastic at all… before Miss Manga I used only MAC Mascaras and was also convinced with those that they were great if not fantastic, but when I purchased Miss Manga (for less than half the price) I realised that having to take that long in applying it actually meant maybe it wasn’t so great after all.
If a drugstore product can do the same or better in half the time it’s beyond winning. So yes it’s very clear I was convinced of my Miss Manga mascara, then it ran out and I currently live in Italy where it’s a bit more difficult to find (in Melbourne, Australia, it’s stocked almost everywhere that sells any kind of makeup), and so when I came across Better Than Sex by Two Faced I felt like I may as well try something new (if I can move to Italy for a year I can probably cope trying a new mascara), and was very pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t say it’s better than Loreal’s Miss Manga, basically it’s just a very different thing, much heavier and more durable and for me, on school days particularly- and without liquid eyeliner on, I find that type of product much better, mostly because it holds a strong curl and dark colour all day.
It’s interesting to note that I wouldn’t re-coat my lashes with this again at any point during the day (which for me is a positive thing) whereas with others I would almost always put a little more on in the afternoon if I was heading out again. The only ‘however’ with this mascara and these positive factors that I’ve mentioned, is that I know some friends that only like light coats of mascara for blackening the ends of their lashes, and having more of a natural look, and if that’s how you like your mascara I would then suggest that this is NOT the mascara for you. Maybe it’s more of a beauty/makeup addicts pick in the mascara aisle. (Very serious matter this)



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My name's Saskia, I'm 18 years old and from Melbourne but currently completing my Student Exchange program year in Italy. I fluently speak both English and Italian. My skills and interests include Photography, Travel, Fashion, Art, Journalism and Beauty/ Makeup Artistry. I've created this blog to showcase all of my skills and interests as well as just general lifestyle blogging. I particularly want this blog to act as a portfolio of my current and previous projects, particularly in Styling and Photography.

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