Hello to who ever reads this…

Why I’m starting this blog?

I am obsessed with fashion magazines and blogs, I love reading peoples opinions on fashion and beauty, seeing new trends, reading about peoples lives, and their fashion finds (especially bargains) and everything in between, so i thought: “why not start my own blog?” in hopes that eventually people may actually enjoy reading about my fashion finds, and stories and fashion look books and all of that good stuff. My favourite fashion blog would have to be The Blonde Salad, because how cool is Chiara Ferragni??
Is there anything she can’t make look awesome… no, everything she wears instantly goes to the top of my fashion wish list, and speaking of, that’s to come on this blog. I was also thinking I would write a post soon featuring all my other favourite fashion and beauty blogs, so stay tuned for that… if you’re interested. So that’s a little about me, and this blog, and there’s plenty more to come in the future, so subscribe if you’d like.